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Scan to BIM Portfolio

‘Transforming the way we survey and deliver the ‘As Built’ world!’

Scan to BIM is the creation of a BIM model from Laser Scan point cloud data. The laser scan point cloud survey data is collected using HD Laser Scan equipment. All scans are carried out and registered by our qualified and certified surveyors. Scan to BIM saves significant time and cost by giving design teams a detailed Revit model from which to design from.

We offer five levels of detail (LODs) for Scan to BIM projects. The LOD on a project will be dictated by the objective of the project and the requirement of the 3D model. We can help advise on the required LOD and the tolerances that the project should be delivered to. For more information on any of the following LODs please contact us directly.

  • Level 1 – Block/Mass Model
  • Level 2 – Shell and Core Model
  • Level 3 – Standard Survey Model
  • Level 4 – Detailed Survey Model
  • Level 5 – Highly Detailed Survey Model with Metadata

There are six distinct stages involved in a Scan to BIM project. These are as follows:

Stage 1: Consultation and establishing requirements

Initial discussions are required to determine the requirements of our client. We will advise on the best approach to the project, and in particular, we will establish the LOD required on the project. It will important at this initial stage to understand what type of building it is and its current state of repair. This will have a bearing on the quote to be provided. All consultations at this stage are free of charge. A detailed fee proposal will be issued based on this consultation stage.

Stage 2: Instruction and issue of information

Upon instruction, we will request that all necessary information is sent to us in order to commence work on the project. It is likely that we will have advised on the information required during stage 1. However further information may be requested.

Stage 3: Laser Scanning. – The field work

Detailed accurate laser scanning will be carried out by our qualified surveyors. The laser scan will be to assigned grid. Multiple scans will be produced in order to get a complete point cloud of the entire building or space to be modelled.

Stage 4: Laser Scan registration

All laser scans will be registered into one complete scan from which to model from. This will be carried out on completion of all laser scan field work. The registered scan will be evaluated before any modelling takes place.

Stage 5: 3D modelling & model report generation

3D modelling will be carried out by our 3D modelling experts using Revit. The point cloud will be indexed directly into Revit. It will be important to have agreed on the LOD before this phase of the project commences. The model report will be produced in parallel with the 3D modelling. This report is a vital element to every Scan to BIM project.

Stage 6: Issue of final material

Based on the agreed scope of works a range of final deliverables may be issued. All final material will be issued through the online electronic file sharing system Hightail. The deliverables will include the Revit model and model report but may also include the following – the point cloud | 2D Plans sections and elevations | 3D CAD model | 3D rendered images.