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Product Animation Portfolio

‘Bringing your product concepts and designs to life through 3D animation!’

Product animation is one of the two deliverables from our 3D product design department. It is a step up from product rendering and describes the production of an animated 3D video of a product or packaging design. Like product rendering, product animation gives our clients an accurate and photorealistic representation of their proposed product or packaging design. This service improves presentation and communication between designer and end user. It also maximises sales and marketing strategies. Note: Product renders can be extrapolated from product animations.

We work closely with every client to ensure that their expectations and goals are accurately met and delivered on time. We achieve this through clear and constant communication.

There are six distinct stages involved in a 3D Product Animation project. These are as follows:

Stage 1: Consultation and establishing requirements

Initial discussions are required to determine the requirements of our client. No matter what the objective of the project is, we will advise on the best approach. All consultations at this stage are free of charge. A detailed fee proposal will be issued based on this consultation stage.

Stage 2: Instruction and issue of information

Upon instruction, we will request that all necessary information is sent to us in order to commence work on the project. It is likely that we will have advised on the information required during stage 1. However further information may be requested upon instruction such as product design finishes.

Stage 3: The Script

Every product animation will require the creation of a script and storyboard. This is paramount and is a requirement before any animating takes place. The script will dictate how the product will be animated.

Stage 4: 3D modelling, 3D visualisation and draft material

This is the ‘project phase’ and involves carrying out the various processes to create the required product animation. Structural and material drafts will be issued for comments throughout the project. Stage 4 will not commence until sign off of all draft material including the draft animation of the product itself. This stage also involves the recording of the voice over (if applicable).

Stage 5: Sign off and production of final material

Upon sign off of all draft material, the high resolution versions will be rendered and the final phase of the project carried out – post production. This will involve editing of the 3D animation.

Stage 6: Issue of final material

Upon sign off of all final material, the product animation be issued at the agreed resolution. It will be issued electronically through an online file sharing service.