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Photo Retouching Portfolio

Photo retouching is a service that provides the doctoring of existing photos for marketing and presentation purposes. This is particularly useful for property developments coming to market where their site is unfinished. Our photo retouching service provides cleaned up photo/s for brochure and web marketing purposes. This involves the inclusion of landscaping and planting to reflect what will be present on the completion of the site. This manipulation of photos is a very cost effective solution when development sites still contain construction material and equipment. We also offer photographic site visits as part of this service.

There are four distinct stages involved in a CAD to BIM project. These are as follows:

Stage 1: Establishing requirements

Initial discussions are required to determine the requirements of our client and the work involved. All consultations at this stage are free of charge. A fee proposal will be issued based on this consultation stage.

Stage 2: Instruction and issue of information

Upon instruction, we will request that all necessary information is sent to us in order to commence work on the project. This will include the photos to be retouched and details on what changes are required.

Stage 3: Photo site visit

In the case where photos are not supplied, we will carry out a full photographic site visit.

Stage 4: Retouching

This is the main ‘project phase’ and involves carrying out the necessary ‘fixing’ work to the chosen photos. All retouching work is carried out in photoshop. Draft images will be issued for comment or sign off.

5: Sign off and issue of final material

Upon sign off of all draft images, the high resolution versions will be produced and issued. All images will be issued electronically through the online file sharing service known as Hightail.