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CAD to BIM Portfolio

‘Supporting AEC professionals that are not yet BIM enabled’

Our CAD to BIM service offers clients the opportunity to work in BIM even if their practice is not BIM enabled. This consultancy type service allows us to work alongside non enabled BIM clients providing expert BIM knowledge and deliverables on their projects. Availing of this service is the perfect opportunity for clients to train in BIM while at the same time not loose any BIM required projects.

The service is also used by construction companies who wish for their project to be delivered in BIM but have little to no knowledge of it. This service allows us to BIM manage such a project and coordinate with all design disciplines.

There are four distinct stages involved in a CAD to BIM project. These are as follows:

Stage 1: Consultation and establishing requirements

Initial discussions are required to determine the requirements of our client. We will advise on the best approach to the project including level of detail is required in the BIM model. All consultations at this stage are free of charge. A detailed fee proposal will be issued based on this consultation stage.

Stage 2: Instruction and issue of information

Upon instruction, we will request that all necessary information is sent to us in order to commence work on the project. It is likely that we will have advised on the information required during stage 1. However further information may be requested upon instruction such as building component make up or additional drawing information.

Stage 3: BIM modelling

This is the ‘project phase’ and involves the production of a BIM model from the 2D drawing information supplied. Modelling takes place within Revit. In cases where we are working with a discipline that is part of design team working in BIM, we will add to the existing BIM model. This may be the case for example where an architectural BIM model has been produced and our client is the structural engineer. A draft model will be issued for comment and/or sign off.

Stage 4: Sign off and production of final material

Upon sign off of the draft BIM model, the model will be issued. It will include work sheets for specified 2D plans, elevations and sections along with 3D views where appropriate.

Stage 5: Optional – 3D Visualisation

We can take the BIM model to the next level for presentation purposes. In this regard we can provide high end architectural and interior renderings of the BIM model. This work will be carried out by our architectural visualisation department.