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Architectural Animations Portfolio

‘Bringing viewers on a virtual tour of your proposed development’

Architectural animations are powerful design, marketing and promotional tools that bring viewers on a 360 virtual tour of a proposed development before it is built. This will enhance a purchasers understanding of a scheme and maximise sales and marketing strategies. We produce architectural animations of all types of buildings, from one off homes to large scale residential, commercial and mixed use developments.

We work closely with every client to ensure that the project objectives and goals are accurately met and delivered on time. We achieve this through clear and constant communication with our clients throughout the project.

There are five distinct stages involved in an Architectural Animation project. These are as follows:

Stage 1: Consultation and establishing requirements

Initial discussions are required to determine the requirements of our client. We will advise on the best approach to the project including what needs to be shown and how long the 3D animation should be. All consultations at this stage are free of charge. A detailed fee proposal will be issued based on this consultation stage.

Stage 2: Instruction and issue of information

Upon instruction, we will request that all necessary information is sent to us in order to commence work on the project. It is likely that we will have advised on the information required during stage 1. However further information may be requested upon instruction such material palettes, reference photos and interior design layouts.

Stage 3: 3D modelling, 3D visualisation, animation and draft material

This is the ‘project phase’ and involves carrying out the various processes to create the required architectural animation. Structural and material still image drafts will be issued for comments before the rendering of the animation takes place. A draft animation will also be issued to ensure the camera path/s are correct. Stage 4 will not commence until sign off of all draft imagery and animation has been received.

Stage 4: Sign off and production of final material

Upon sign off of all draft imagery, the architectural animation will be rendered and the final phase of the project carried out – post production. This will involve the editing of the 3D animation and inclusion of additional graphics, text, stills, voice over and background music. Any comments at this stage will be related to the edit and inclusion of graphics.

Stage 5: Issue of final material

Upon sign off of the final 3D animation, it will be issued at the requested resolution. It will be issued electronically through the online file sharing service known as Hightail.