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2D Plans Portfolio

‘Transforming complicated architectural plans in easy to understand marketing material’

2D plans are a presentation and marketing tool to compliment our range of architectural 3D services and deliverables. They involve the transformation of architectural plans, elevations and site plans into colour coded, easy to read 2D vector graphics. The objective of a 2D plan is to simplify ‘busy’ architectural drawings that can be difficult to read and understand. 2D plans are used in marketing of one off houses to multi unit and mixed use developments. We also produce them for the second hand housing market.

The process of creating 2D floor plans or 2D site plans is straight forward:

Stage 1: Cleaning

All architectural plans will be fully cleaned before any colours or text is added. This involves the removal of unnecessary information such as hatching and details. This will be carried out within AutoCad.

Stage 2: Colouring

All cleaned up plans are exported from CAD and imported into Adobe Illustrator where simple colours and text are applied. For 2D site plans this may involve colour coding certain house types and identifying green open space areas.

Stage 3: Export

All final plans are exported as vector type files for print and marketing purposes.