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3D Printing Portfolio

‘Rapid creation of physical scale models from digital 3D models’

3D Printing has become one of the most commonly used terms in the 3D industry in the past number of years. With the recent advances in 3D printing technology along with the expiry of certain patents, 3D Printing is becoming more and more mainstream.

The theory behind of 3D Printing is straight forward. You create a digital 3D model of an object that you would like to have printed as a replica physical scale model. This digital 3D model is then fed to the 3D Printer through the machines software and within a matter of hours, sometimes less sometimes more, you are presented with a complete, detailed physical 3D model of your product, object or architectural design.

However in reality, there is a bit more to it than that. For starters, the 3D modelling is, what we would consider, the most important part of the entire process. Without a proper digitally 3D modelled object, the 3D Printer will either a) print it incorrectly or b) print it correctly but leave a lot of cleaning up on it to do or c) reject the file. Therefore having your object 3D modelled correctly before printing is paramount and will save you time and money.

With the above in mind we are here to help. We offer 3D modelling for 3D printing and 3D printing itself. The majority of models can be printed in a matter of hours. From buildings and interiors to product designs and objects, 3D printing is an innovative way to obtain a detailed scale model of your concept or design.