3D Design Bureau are seeking a Developer – Unreal Engine VR & Interactive to be responsible for developing interactive experiences for virtual reality and augmented reality experiences geared towards the Architectural, Engineering and Construction sector. The successful candidate will be expected to dive straight in and pick up on the level of VR that has already been developed to date within the studio. There is a clear vision as to where the company is heading with VR and #team3DDB are looking for a passionate and talented individual to join us and become an integral part of the journey. VR hardware of choice at present in the studio is the Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift so experience in these kits are a distinct advantage but not a deal breaker!

#Team3DDB deliver high quality design, planning and marketing solutions to clients and the successful candidate will be expected to embrace the ethos of the studio and work in a collaborative team environment. They will be expected to deliver the studios current VR vision bringing client projects to launch, on budget and on time. Specific responsibilities include maintaining and further developing existing VR pipelines that are in pace through building rich, dynamic interfaces using Unreal Engine and leveraging technologies like as previously mentioned Samsung Gear, Oculus, Google Cardboard and Hololens. Understanding of 3D modelling and visualisation techniques and workflows is important including knowledge of associated 3D software for asset management such as 3DS Max and other Autodesk software.

  • Maintain and further develop immersive experiences in Unreal Engine/Unity 3D to be packaged and for custom client interactive virtual experiences. Note: The studio has developed VR pipelines from which to work from and build/develop upon.
  • 3D modelling techniques  (baking, mesh optimization, LODs) for viewing in VR within the hardware of choice.
  • Be a team player! Work collaboratively and creatively with fellow team members and management to brainstorm new interactive experiences with current and evolving virtual reality/augmented reality devices coming to market.
  • Develop GitHub procedures, manage and organise current code and create new code and related databases in a secure and well-documented manner.
  • Manage and handle app deployment across mobile and desktop.
  • Ear to the ground in relation to the latest tech and trends around VR.
  • Adhere to company best practices and perform other duties as assigned by management.
  • Experience with Unity is a plus.


  • Minimum 2+ years of Unreal Engine 4 including blueprints and C++ proficiency and implementation. Sample work of immersive/experiences created entirely in Unreal.
  • Experience packaging projects for delivery for Windows, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear is a plus.
  • Experience with Git and other developmental workflow in order to develop best practice within the studio.
  • 3D modeling and visualisation experience (for asset import and export, management and manipulation) ie. basic to intermediate knowledge of 3D Studio Max (Vray rendering engine), Revit, SketchUp etc
  • Basic to intermediate Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro) understanding.
  • Some server experience for multiplayer experiences across mobiles (specifically communication and control between devices)
  • Understanding of 3D modelling and visualisation techniques and workflows is important including knowledge of associated 3D software for asset management such as 3DS Max and other Autodesk software.
  • Ability to bring new ideas to the studio in and around VR experiences.
  • A strong passion for VR and the 3D visualisation industry.
  • Team player and excellent communication skills an absolute MUST! There is no I in #Team3DDB!
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Math, or related field is a plus.


  • Bachelor’s Degree


You MUST be eligible to work in the Republic of Ireland. Unfortunately, we cannot consider anyone who does not fit this criteria.

How To Apply:

Fill out our online form across or email to recruitment@3ddesignbureau.com to express your interest in the position.

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